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Gender Imbalance From The One Child Policy - 1689 Words

Solving China’s Gender Imbalance from the One-Child Policy China’s one-child policy was implemented in 1979 by Deng Xiaoping to limit China’s population growth, under the belief that overpopulation would inhibit its economic growth (History of the One-Child Policy). The policy restricted couples to only have one child, unless they were of an ethnic minority (Pong, 168). It was later amended in 2002 to include allowing two only-child parents to have two children, and allowed rural families to have another child if the first was a daughter (China’s One-Child Policy). On October 25, 2015, the Chinese government repealed the one-child policy in favor of a two-child policy because of the massive gender imbalance that it had caused (Taylor). Principally led by the much reviled establishment of the one-child policy, China’s abundance of males compared to females dramatically altered the demographics of the country, leaving millions of men unable to have a family, damaging the traditional cultural aspect of the Chinese f amily (Brooks). The disproportion originated from a traditionally boy-favoring Chinese culture and the future economic support a boy promised, while widespread use of ultrasound technology caused a decrease in births of girls (Brooks). Although successful in its goals of limiting population growth, the one-child policy, because of the Chinese cultural and economic support boys provided, had the unintended consequence of creating a gender imbalance, resulting inShow MoreRelatedChina’s One Child Policy Essay1086 Words   |  5 Pageshave control over population, in 1970, a policy named China’s One Child Policy was introduced. Mingliang argues that, â€Å"China, through the one-child policy, has instituted the most aggressive, comprehensive population policy in the world† (1). This policy limits all families in the Republic of China to have only one child, regardless of the sex: however, within this policy there are some exceptions. It is possible to have two ch ildren only if the first child is born with a disability, if parents workRead MoreRepercussions Of China s One Child Policy883 Words   |  4 Pages20, 2014 Repercussions of China’s One Child Policy â€Å"China Will Have another Major Demographic Problem,† is an article on About.com written by Matt Rosernberg. It explains the great imbalance between man and women due to China’s One Child Policy, and how this situation will disturb the stability and development of China because the high numbers of bachelors tend to damage community by doing crimes and violence. The policy says that a couple could only have a child. This was created as a temporaryRead MoreThe Global Problem Of Gender Imbalance1273 Words   |  6 Pages163 million women are missing in Asia, but no one is looking for them. These missing women were victims of sex-selective abortions, pushed onto the Asian population by a patriarchal society in a way to control population growth. Mara Hvistendahl’s â€Å"Missing: 163 Million Women† focuses on the causes, consequences, and global implications of the gender imbalance in congruence with sharing of local practices. Kwame Anthony Appiah offers cosmopolitan concepts of taking interest in practices that lendRead MoreShould The One Child Policy Be Reinstated?1072 Words   |  5 PagesShould the One Child Policy in China be reinstated? Throughout history, populations have gradually become larger due to an increase in resources, such as food, water, minerals. Various countries have dealt with the struggles that come with overpopulation, like China. China was one of these countries that were experiencing negative impacts on having a large population, such as man-made famines. In order to control and downsize the population, many efforts were made in creating policies that wouldRead MoreShould Parents Be Legal?1444 Words   |  6 PagesPregnancy can be one of the most life-changing and exciting experience a mother could ever have. When a woman is pregnant, one of the most common questions that people will ask is, â€Å"Is the baby a boy or a girl?† Parents have the opportunity to find out the sex of the baby beforehand by going through a procedure known as an ultrasound. An ultrasound relies on sound waves to create an image of the baby in the uterus. This safe and painless procedure normally takes place betw een 18-20 weeks of pregnancyRead MoreMore Than 100 Million Women Are Missing1557 Words   |  7 Pagesto explain the gender imbalance between men and women in different parts of the world, and how policy makers can react to this problem. Sen divides his article into five parts. The introduction of the article describes how the gender imbalance issue is not a universal problem across the world. The first part of the article begins by explaining how boys tend to outnumber girls in the world by the same proportion of 105 males to 100 females. Sen points out that this gender imbalance is due to reproductiveRead MoreChinas One Child Policy954 Words   |  4 Pagespopulation containment by way of a ‘ One-Child Police’, to alleviate its social and economic problems (Jiang, 2010). The population had been well-controlled during the past 30 years and according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the policy has helped prevent 400 million births and contributed greatly to economic growth (Government net, 2011). However, the one- child policy is like a double edged sword. Although there are positive outcomes, From the policy, there are also many negative issuesRead MoreChinas One Child-Policy Essay1214 Words   |  5 Pagesall men and you won’t be able to see any female, that’s what’s happening in china right now because of the one child-policy. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when Chinese culture is destroyed because of males taking over and reducing female gender, more crime, and also the most important thing would be war going one. The one child-policy should not exist because reduction of female gender can cause culture affect and economic wise and violating social equality. In 1964, the first national familyRead MoreIntroduction. In Biology, Human Population Growth Is Defined1661 Words   |  7 Pagesgrowth in China was the one child policy. The one child policy was implemented during the 1970s in an attempt to gain to control over China’s rapidly growing population. A policy such as this has greatly affected both the human population growth and the demographic of China. The effects of the one child policy would be long lasting. On a total world population scale the average fertility rate has fallen from 4.5 offspring per one woman during the 1960s to 2.5 offspring per one woman today, but theRead MoreThe One Child Policy Restricted Citizens Of China1104 Words   |  5 PagesThe one-child policy restricted citizens of China to one child per family. This family-planning policy was created in 1980 to help a growing population. The effects of this policy included millions of forced abortions and sterilizations (Wong 2). In 2013, the policy was relaxed because the drop in population created an age gap in China. Also the ratio of males to females became unequal. There were up to 116.9 boys for every 100 girls in China (Luo 2). The old continuity was a one-child policy put

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The Success of Franklin D. Roosevelts New Deal - 718 Words

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s â€Å"New Deal† package of legislation set a new precedent for United States involvement in cultural development. The New Deal was characterized by liberal use of government resources to provide relief, recovery, and reform to a nation that had been reeling from the aftermath of the Great Depression. While the immediate success of Roosevelt’s New Deal in mitigating the effects of the Great Depression is debatable, it’s long lasting impact on American government is still felt today. One of the earliest major programs of the New Deal was the Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act, which created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC. The FDIC initially insured bank deposits up to $5,000 and was integral in restoring Americans’ confidence in U.S. banks. As a result, people slowly resumed depositing their money in banks, which in turn helped banks get back to business. Another early New Deal program was the Unemployment Re lief Act, which created the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC). Throughout the program’s history, the CCC put approximately three million unemployed young men to work on conservation projects around the country. These projects consisted of building bridges, constructing dams for flood control and generating energy, and planting 200 million trees to act as wind barriers in areas afflicted by the Dust Bowl. While these two early New Deal programs offered relief from banking concerns and rising unemployment, Roosevelt’s administration wasShow MoreRelatedPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deals1681 Words   |  7 Pagessocial blow to the American people, people were out of job, food, money and homes while society turned everyone against each other it was everyman for himself. President Franklin D. Roosevelt new deals were effect in providing jobs to the men of the families starting from the oldest to the youngest men in the family. The New Deal improved both the economic a nd social lives of the American people. The Great Depression caused a deafening blow in the economy of America as people raced to the banks toRead Moreap us history dbq1672 Words   |  7 PagesDepression EXCEPT: B.:-) He saw the Depression as akin to an act of nature, about which nothing could be done except to ride it out. 2.Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program attempted or achieved all of the following EXCEPT C.:-) supported the creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. 3.The â€Å"New Immigration† was made up primarily of D.:-) persons from Southern and Eastern Europe. 4.By â€Å"normalcy† President Warren G. Harding meant not only peace after the recent war butRead MoreFranklin Roosevelts New Deal1672 Words   |  7 PagesAmericans and their families sit together in their living rooms as they turn the knob on their radios. The words â€Å"Good evening, my friends†¦Ã¢â‚¬  echo audibly over the static and ambient noise, and the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt informs the nation of his New Deal and planned solutions to the problems of post-Depression America. He speaks warmly and directly, addressing the American people â€Å"you† and himself â€Å"I†. Many people— unemployed or working, poor or wealthy, supporter or criticRead MoreFranklin D. Roosevelt And The Great Depression1337 Words   |  6 Pagesto new knowledge, resources and innovations for a society. Periods of turmoil often give rise to an individual of power, who provides citizens with a sense of hope and security. The United Stat es went through a severe period of chaos when the economy collapsed, compelling an abundant amount of individuals into poverty. This period during the early 1930’s is known as the Great Depression. Throughout this period, millions of citizens placed their hope and security in the election of Franklin D. RooseveltRead MorePresident Lincoln And George Washington846 Words   |  4 Pagesits most desperate times stands out among many other of our nation s leaders. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a difficult life that gave him the opportunity to see from the eyes of others who struggled, and use that to help them. Franklin Roosevelt grew up in luxury among millionaires of New York. He was born on January 30,1882 into a life of wealth and privilege on their 600 acre estate in Hyde Park, New York (â€Å"Franklin Delano Roosevelt†). His father was a Wall Street lawyer and his mother was aRead MoreFranklin Roosevelt (FDR) Essay850 Words   |  4 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s program of relief, recovery, and reform that aimed at solving the economic problems created by the Depression of the 1930’s, was referred to as the New Deal. The Great Society was the name given to the domestic program of the U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson. Both programs had similar yet opposing points. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Something had to be done about the banking system disintegration, andRead MoreWhy Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a Great Man?1907 Words   |  8 Pagesin the chain of causality?† Pertaining to this ‘Great Man Theory’ it can be said that Franklin Delano Roosevelt upheld his victorious and highly regarded government through means of social, economic and political reforms, as well as ambitious personal and strategic decisions that have successfully remained influential to American society today and maintained his image as a prominent historic leader. Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd President of America from 1933 – 1945, eminent historian Sean JRead MoreAp Us History Fdr Dbq1172 Words   |  5 Pagesvery hands off approach and daily life just took its path. When Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933 the economy was now deep in a huge downward spiral, and he raised a new Democratic approach to run the government and United States. The United States was in for a lot of reform movements being that a Democrat was president, and something needed to be done to prevent the status of the United States to fail even more. Franklin D. Roosevelt responded to the problems of the Great Depression withRead MoreEssay about Roosevelt Vs. Hoover and the Great Depression1658 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernments. In contrast, liberals were seen as following polices of having more government regulation and large governments. Thus because the Great Depression started and Americas views of liberalism changed, Hoover was seen as a conservat ive and Franklin D. Roosevelt as a liberal despite occasional occasions where they supported polices not characterized as liberal or conservative. Due to the fact that the Great Depression changed the definition of liberalism, President Herbert HooverRead MoreThe Good and Bad of Roosevelts New Deal Essay1191 Words   |  5 PagesBad of Roosevelts New Deal The era of the Great Depression was by far the worst shape the United States had ever been in, both economically and physically. Franklin Roosevelt was elected in 1932 and began to bring relief with his New Deal. In his first 100 days as President, sixteen pieces of legislation were passed by Congress, the most to be passed in a short amount of time. Roosevelt was re-elected twice, and quickly gained the trust of the American people. Many of the New Deal policies

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Hemingway vs. Faulkner writing styles Free Essays

From the post Civil War era in which Faulkner was accustomed, to the early 1920s era of Hemingway ‘s short stories, both authors’ focus remains on a similar topic. 0th authors were ealist writers who expressed their concern with the changes happening In America. However, the writing styles in which Hemingway used, compared to Faulkner, show many differences. We will write a custom essay sample on Hemingway vs. Faulkner writing styles or any similar topic only for you Order Now By comparing the styles of Hemingway and Faulkner, readers find a contrast in the authors’ use of sentence structure, word choice, and character development; but overall, they achieve a similar tone. In many of William Faulkner’s short stories, such as â€Å"Barn Burning†, the sentence structure is complex; he describes vividly what Is happening by including small details about characters and setting others may find insignificant. Faulkner uses long, complex sentences that contain hyphens and colons to continue his Ideas throughout the sentence. In â€Å"Barn Burning†, Faulkner writes â€Å"Now he could hear his father’s stiff foot as it came down on the boards with clockwise finality, a sound out of all proportion to the displacement of the body it bored and which was no dwarfed either by the white door before it as though it had attained to a sort of vicious and ravening minimum not to be dwarfed by anything†¦ â€Å". Faulkner commonly uses great detail to describe even the simple sound of the father’s faulty footsteps. Much of detail is unnecessary but adds effect to the sentence. Hemingway, compared to Faulkner, uses short sentences to complete his thoughts. His ideas are expressed bluntly, but the point is clear. Both authors use sentence structure to complete an overall tone in their writing. Both authors achieve a similar tone using sentence structure. Faulkner uses long, detailed sentences to add to the effect of his stories. Hemingway uses short, blunt statements to set the tone. Many of the two author’s stories end with the same sad tone. The sentence structure the authors use can carry tone throughout his story as they wish. The word choice of an author determines how a reader interprets the story. William Faulkner uses more complex words than Ernest Hemingway. In Faulkner’s stories, the words he chooses often are symbolic in a way. In â€Å"A Rose for Emily’ Faulkner writes The word choice in the sentence sets a tone for the story. The word choice Faulkner uses often make up the complex sentences In his stones. HemlngwaVs word choice Is less complicated. His ideas are expressed bluntly through his words. It is easy for the reader to understand Hemingways stories without further interpretation. Hemingway vs. Faulkner writing styles By Icahoon Throughout time, individual authors have crafted varying writing styles that portray s short stories, both authors’ focus remains on a similar topic. Both authors were realist writers who expressed their concern with the changes happening in America. vividly what is happening by including small details about characters and setting hyphens and colons to continue his ideas throughout the sentence. In â€Å"Barn † The often make up the complex sentences in his stories. Hemingway’s word choice is less reader to understand Hemingway’s stories without further interpretation. How to cite Hemingway vs. Faulkner writing styles, Papers

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Logistics Management of Zara †Free Sample Solution

Question: Discuss about theLogistics Management of Zara. Answer: Introduction The report is discussing about logistic management strategies using by Zara to become success in the fashion industry. In this report, the strategies of Zara are compared with the Dell and Myer. The Zara was founded in 1975 by the Amancio Ortega Gaona. The company manufactures different fabric products that suit the fashion of customers. The priority of the Zara is its customers a company tries to provide best quality products to them with the proper supply management (Ferdows, 2003). Zara is the subsidiary of Inditex which is the worlds biggest retailer company. The Inditex group has around 100 textile companies and Zara is the flagship brand of Inditex. Zara has strong competition in the market with many competitors i.e. Benetton, Gap and HM in terms of market share. In 2008, Inditex choose different strategies to grow the business and because of those strategies, it has become the biggest fashion retailer in the world. But in present time, the demands of customers are changed. Cus tomers have unstable demands and it has made the competition tougher in the market (Gallaughar, 2008). This report is basically analyzing the logistics management of Zara in terms of competitive advantage, supply chain and customer value. The business strategy of Zara will be compared by the Dell and Myers. Comparison of Logistics Management Between Dell and Zara Zara and Dell both are the strong and famous companies. Dell manufactures computers and Zara manufactures the clothes. Both have effective strategies and supply chains. Supply Chain of Dell There are three main players in the supply chain of Dell i.e. customers, company and suppliers. In the supply chain of Dell, the consumers place the orders and then company gives the parts to the suppliers. After that suppliers immediately supply the orders to the customers. Supply Chain of Zara The supply chain of Zara is quite different from the other companies. There are different parts in the supply chain of Zara and those are sourcing, designing, manufacturing, and distribution to outlets (Deogratias, Harorimana, 2009). Difference Between Dell and Zara The supply chain of Zara and Dell is totally different. The Dell has horizontally integrated supply chain and on the other hand, the Zara has vertically integrated supply chain. Dell is engaged in the production of computers, and it hires suppliers from the third party for supply of products to the customers. On the other hand, Zara does production of clothes and garments in different parts. The key factors of the success of the company are trade, crafting, manufacturing and the ability of delivery on time. Due to control on the all part of business, Zara is able to identify the preferences of the customers in the changing environment of customers. The control on supply chain by Zara allows the company to produce quality products within short duration of time (Christopher Towill, 2000). The benefit in the supply chain using by Zara is that it can be controlled easily because there are minimum responsibilities to handle. On the other hand, Dell have to deal, control and manage with m any procedures in it supply chain. So, the supply chains of both the companies are right and proper according to their business operations. The comparison of supply chains of both the companies in some points are as follows: Suppliers Zara uses vertically integrated supply chain in which the company controls over the suppliers. In such kind of supply chain, the company is able to meet with the demand and manufactures the products easily. On the other hand, dell has number of suppliers but there is the concern related to speed and accuracy in the services of Dell. There are certain risks that are involved in the services such as insecurity, uncertainty, delay in delivery of products and shortage of goods and raw materials. But in spite of shortage of goods, Dell is able to give delivery of products on time. This is possible because 95% of suppliers are located near the manufacturing unit (O'Marah, 2016). Production Philosophy In case of Dell, it follows make-to-order strategy. In this type of strategy, company manufactures the products in the short duration of time on the demand of the consumer. Basically the company makes the products as per the requirements of the customers at reasonable prices. Dell has wide range of products for the customers. Along with this, Dell provides all the information related to the products on its website. So, because of internet the company is able to provide the information about the range of products. The company also designs easily customized products. On the other hand, Zara focus on the new designs and new products every time. Company believes that there should more and more designs in the market for the customers. The company launches its products by the showrooms in which showrooms get few pieces of new products. The company has the strategy to sell out the new products as quickly as possible. It creates curiosity among the customers about upcoming products. Along with this, Zara does not promote its products through advertising because it wants to create big brand image in the unique way. The aim of the company is basically provide the best products in the fashion market and satisfy the customers. Due to limitations of the products, customers visit its stores to check out new products. The clothes of Zara are demanded differently in different regions by the customers. So, the production philosophy of Zara serves the taste and preferences of the customers and Dell focuses on make-in-products in the production philosophy (Gorrep ati, 2016). Storage Dell incurs low inventory cost and has no extra cost in warehouses. The company has 7 hours of inventory. The company cut the cost through other costs such as warehouses, supplier storage, direct delivery and retail storage. Along with this, Dell has no inventory policy. On the other hand, in case of Zara it has number of warehouses that help the company to store the garments and supply them effectively. Distribution There are many distribution channels for distribution in Dell such as suppliers, retailers, assimilators, distributors and the customers. The Dell follows B2B model in its business in which 90% of products are ordered online. Dell sells its products such as laptops and PCs directly through online as per the direct model. By adding more time and cost, Dell is directly connected to its customers and clients. This cuts the transport cost of the Dell. On the other hand, the products of Zara are not stored and they are distributed at the stores twice in a week. For the distribution, inventories are carried out to the Australian border and the logistics carrier takes them in stores. After that stores orders more stocks from the logistics who handles the stocks and inventories. The stores of Zara are graded based on the sales and the orders. If the sale of any product is not good in the market then company stops the production of that product. Because of this system, company is able to remo ve the unnecessary stock of unsold goods (Ray, 2010). Communication Zara makes new collections and designs weekly and releases in the store. The shop managers of Zara place via internet and sell out the products. By this, the company is able to keep the information of all the products and new designs that are to be created. The designers design the products based on current sales and feedbacks of the customers. The proper communication of Zara makes the process easy and cost efficient. This is weakness of Dell that there is the lack of proper communication because the customers orders are the only feedback for the company (Mihm, 2010). Comparison of Zara with Myer In case of Myer, it has made no effort in segmenting the market according to the customers. Company did not divide the market in demographic lines and psychographic lines of customers and their needs. On the other hand, Zara has devised the market in demographic segmentation and lifestyle segmentation. Zara has built its brand image as the leader of fashion industry by offering quality products in affordable prices (Lu, 2014). The concept of Myer is My store is very unclear. Company has general target market of customers. The target market of Zara is the young generation having the age of 20-35 years. In the case of positioning, Myer has positioned itself as the departmental store having heavy collection of products. But the customer services of the company are unsatisfactory. Myer uses discounting sales strategies to attract the customers for its products. On the other hand, Zara launches seasonal fashion products to attract the customers with proper and effective customer services. Logistics identify the demands of the customers and tries to fulfill them at low cost. The well defined and well organized strategic plan provides strong financial position in the market. The supply chain management is connected to the hierarchy of the organization. Overall the strategy of supply chain management and logistics of Zara are able to achieve the management objectives (Hill, 2009). Comparison with Wal-Mart (Fortune 500 company) Wal-Mart is one of the big brands in the retail industry. There are various strategies adopted by both of the companies. Wal-Mart uses warehouses to store the products and on the other hand, Zara does not store the products. The company directly brings the products in to the stores and sells them. Wal-Mart is both retailers as well distributor also and this is directly connected to the strategy. For getting advantage from the supply chain, company has used hub-and-spoke system. Apart from this, Wal-Mart is using inventory management system. It is helpful for the Wal-Mart in delivering the goods in fast way to the customers. On the other hand, Zara is using internal value chain and the services of the company are customer centric services. Supply Chain Management Strategy In present time, companies are focusing on the supply chain management to improve the efficiency of their business. Strategic management is also helpful to achieve the success in competitive market. Basically, strategic management is the main reason of customer satisfaction and competitive advantage of the companies (Donald Stephen, 2014). The new model of supply chain management is mainly focused on the handling physical products and information regarding those products to creates value. Along with this, supply chain management strengthens the relationship between suppliers and the customers while delivering the customer services at low cost. Managing the relationship is the main area of supply chain management because the suppliers and the customers are the key points of the success of supply chain management and logistics (Charles Gareth, 2012). Competitive Advantage of Zara The company Inditex has gained maximum score in stock market index for social responsible investment. Along with this, Inditex was named as International Retailer of the Year by the World Retail Congress for its best practices. These things show that company is getting competitive advantage by continuously expansion of its business. The strategy for innovation and invention is the key factor of the competitive advantage of the company. The new product development and innovation of Zara are popular in the market. Partnership, clarity and alliances the factors in the supply chain which are the strengths of Zara. Zara has customer oriented approach which distinguishes Zara from others in the market (Romano, 2009). There are many reason because of those the Zara has sustainable competitive advantages in its business. The company is very successful in using customers self concept in their benefits. The reasons because of Zara have gained competitive advantage are as follows: It is the biggest competitive advantage of the Zara that Production is completed in half time by Zara, Short lead time is another reason of the competitiveness of Zara. The company always has new styles and it completes the production of that product in short time. Rapidness of production as company completed the production by time and have quick turnover by the sales, There is popularity of products among the customers because customers wait for its new arrivals of clothes. The biggest competitive advantage of the Zara is taking advantage to the self concept of customers. Company focuses on the self ideas of the customers and tries to generate the products based on that idea. Similarity with Dell and Myer The business strategy of Zara is different from the Dell and Myer. It can be seen that the supply chain analysis of the Zara is unique from others. Zara uses customized technology, logistics, and economies of scale and these all are the key factors Zaras success. From the comparison with Myer and Dell, it has been observed that Dell is engaged in the production of computers, and it hires suppliers from the third party for supply of products to the customers. The customer services of the Myer are unsatisfactory. On the other hand, Zara launches seasonal fashion products to attract the customers with proper and effective customer services. Companies can use the strategy of Zara because it is a learning organization. Continuous improvements, collaboration and improvements in the products are the concepts of learning organization. Zara is learning continuously and these factors are helping to from the company in the competitive market. Learning organization can be described as the organization which includes collective and individual learning and partnership with the supply chain. So, the training and cooperative are the characteristics of Zara (Dalton, 2010). Value chain analysis is also core competence of Zara. Brand value is the main source of competitive advantage. The value chain of Zara shows that the company has brand value in the market. Zara has ranked 219 in the top 500 brands (Cowe, 2011). Conclusion and Recommendation This report has been discussed about the supply chain and logistics management of Zara in the competitive market. In the report, the comparison of Dell and Myer with Zara also has been done in the report. From the above analysis, it has been analyzed that supply chain is the important factor for the business of any organization. The supply chain analysis of the Zara is unique from others. The supply chain analysis of Zara describes the internal value chain of the company. The services of the company are customer centric services. Along with this, the company uses customized technology, logistics, and economies of scale and these all are the key factors Zaras success. Zara is the learning organization and because of efforts in supply chain and knowledge management which are the cause of success. The strategy of Zara is customer centric services. Because of supply chain management, the Zara is able to gain competitive advantage in the fashion industry. Further, Zara does production of clothes and garments in different parts. Due to control on the all part of business, Zara is able to identify the preferences of the customers in the changing environment of customers. Thus, the strategy and logistics management of Zara is very successful in the market. Although Zara is very successful in its supply chain and it only focuses on the production of new products. The company does not use online sites for the selling of products because it believes that customer should visit the stores physically. There is the recommendation for the Zara that it should also use the online selling because sometimes customers have no time to visit to the stores. References Charles, Gareth, J., (2012), Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, Cengage Learning, Pg 94- 109 Christopher and Towill, (2000), Supply Chain Migration from Lean and Functional to Agile and Customized, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol 5(4), pp206-213 Cowe, (2011) Sources of Competitive Advantage, (3rd), Essex, Pearson Education Ltd Dalton, (2010), Leadership and Management Development, UK: Pearson Education Ltd Deogratias, Harorimana, (2009), Cultural Implications of Knowledge Sharing, Management and Transfer: Identifying Competitive Advantage: Identifying Competitive Advantage, IGI Global, Pg 144 Donald, W., Stephen, R., (2014), Global Logistics: New Directions in Supply Chain Management, Kogan Page Publishers Ferdows, (2003), Zara Case study. Supplier Chain Forum: an International Journal, 4 (2), pp 62-67 Gallaughar, (2008), Zara case: Fast Fashion from Savvy Systems, PhD Case, accessed on 8th December 2016 from https://www.flatworldknowledge.com/node/440129#web-621509 Gorrepati, K., (2016), Zara's Agile Supply Chain Is The Source Of Its Competitive Advantage, accessed on 8th December 2016 from https://www.digitalistmag.com/digital-supply-networks/2016/03/30/zaras-agile-supply-chain-is-source-of-competitive-advantage-04083335 Hill, (2009), Global Business Today. New York: McGraw Hill Irwin LU, C., (2014), Zara supply chain analysis - the secret behind Zara's retail success, accessed on 8th December 2016 from https://www.tradegecko.com/blog/zara-supply-chain-its-secret-to-retail-success Mihm, (2010), Fast Fashion in a Flat World: Global Sourcing Strategies. International Business Economics Research Journal, 9 (6) pp 55-63. O'Marah, K., (2016), Zara Uses Supply Chain To Win Again, accessed on 8th December 2016 from https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinomarah/2016/03/09/zara-uses-supply-chain-to-win-again/#3032002b63ae Ray, (2010), Supply Chain Management for Retailing, IND: Tata McGraw-Hill Education Romano, (2009), How can fluid dynamics help supply chain management? International Journal of Production Economics, 118, 467