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Ottawa, the Capital City of Canada

Ottawa, the Capital City of Canada Ottawa, in the province of Ontario, is the capital of Canada. This picturesque and safe city is the fourth largest city in the country, with a population of 883,391 as of the 2011 Canadian census. Its on the eastern border of Ontario, just across the Ottawa River from Gatineau, Quebec. Ottawa is cosmopolitan, with museums, galleries, performing arts and festivals, but it  still has the feel of a small town and is relatively affordable. English and French are the main languages spoken, and Ottawa is a diverse, multicultural city, and about 25 percent of its residents are from other countries. The city has 150 kilometers, or 93 miles, of recreational paths, 850 parks and access to three major waterways. Its iconic Rideau Canal becomes  the worlds largest naturally frozen skating rink in the winter.  Ottawa is a high-technology center  and boasts more engineers, scientists and Ph.D. graduates per capita than any other city in Canada. Its a great place to bring up a family and a fascinating city to visit. History Ottawa began in 1826 as a staging area a campsite for the construction of the Rideau Canal. Within a year a small town had grown up, and it was called Bytown, named after the leader of the Royal Engineers who were building the canal, John By. The timber trade helped the town grow, and in 1855 it was incorporated and the name was changed to Ottawa. In 1857, Ottawa was chosen by Queen Victoria as the  capital of the province of Canada.  In  1867, Ottawa was officially defined by the BNA Act as the capital of the Dominion of Canada. Ottawa Attractions The Parliament of Canada dominates the Ottawa scene, with its Gothic-revival spires rising high from Parliament Hill and overlooking the Ottawa River. During the summer it includes a changing of the guard ceremony, so you can get a taste of London without crossing the Atlantic. You can tour the Parliament buildings year-round. Canadas National Gallery, the National War Memorial, the Supreme Court of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint are within walking distance of the Parliament. The National Gallerys architecture is a modern reflection of the Parliament buildings, with glass spires standing in for Gothic ones. It houses mostly the work of Canadian artists and is the largest collection of Canadian art in the world. It also includes work by European and American artists. The Canadian Museum of History, across the river in Hull, Quebec, is not to be missed. And dont miss the spectacular views of Parliament Hill from this vantage across the river. Other museums to check out are the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Canadian War Museum and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Weather in Ottawa Ottawa has a humid, semi-continental climate with  four distinct seasons. Average winter temperatures are around 14 degrees Fahrenheit, but can it sometimes dip to -40. There is significant snowfall in the winter, as well as many sunny days. While average summer temperatures in Ottawa are around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, they can soar to 93 degrees and above.

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Personal statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 27

Personal Statement Example Therefore, this course would greatly sharpen my entrepreneurial skills and would be a responsible manager in the business world. When I started my undergraduate course at Bangor University, I acquired basic knowledge of accounting and management. In freshman sophomore, I acquired a lot of knowledge related to accounting courses, which will boost my performance at the collage. At the second grade in the university, I majored in finance and banking, which was my favorite, and I excelled scoring an average of 71.17. Additionally, in the third grade at the University I advanced my interest and took behavioral finance, corporate risk management and operational management. I successfully passed in the majored subjects in all grades. This new course will greatly benefit me in succeeding in my entrepreneur business since I will require all the acquired skills (Baty & Michael, P. 57). All the previous courses have enabled me hold various positions, which I have performed excellently. Additionally, I have been recommended positively in all organizations I have worked for and they have requested me to work with them onc e am through with my studies. Any successful enterprise manager does not require only enterprise knowledge, but one requires mastering the financial knowledge. Additionally, companies require to get detailed feedback from managers and therefore, enrolling at your college will enable me acquire the necessary skills to become a manager. When managers posses a more comprehensive knowledge they are likely to deal with any kind of business related idea and one does not encounter challenges when formulating business strategies. Additionally, immediately I enroll for my course, I will begin looking for a job in the banking sector or any other related industry in order to practice the knowledge acquired from the university. Therefore, during this period I will also be searching for other various

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Soccer, The Golden Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Soccer, The Golden Era - Essay Example The season went down well for months, and after it was over the approach changed and instead it was merged the selection of league (Mauricio 36). They were divided into A- League teams this league was named along Fifa’s recognition. In the same year, olympics took of, hosted by Atlanta, the men in the olympic did not perform well as it was expected, women performed their best and worn in the olympics that year. Then there after, it was soccer, this tournament had a huge number of fans from every corner of the world during the final day of the match. The success of the women in both games motivated the U.S organizing comittee that was taking care of the whole event (Richard 31). The organising body said, â€Å"it will be ready to support any games especially soccer, to improve the talents of people out their and also recognize were their is an effort made towards success.† Meanwhile, the world cup 1998, was about to kick of, and the qualifications were also in a process. The first time that U.S won, was back in the year 1977, this was the first time for U.S to qualify without involving Mexico (William 17). This was a success, and they had to work smart to make sure they retain the posion again. Some of the main team players were also from different states, but all determined to win in every game. FIFA provided coaches kits, and also playing grounds with large holding capacities, reason being the number of fans was growing at a high rate. In 1999, had considerable success stories, but in this same year women’s, soccer was set to begin (James 25). The women’s energy and the determination made people to have high expectations on them the team tied up for the first position before they were to go for the finals. The team, which was made up of youths, had a loyal fan base which was peaceful and also excellent sportsmanship, and respect. The team was the ambassador for young girls as their role

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The relationship between iron and zinc status and treatment of ADHD Essay

The relationship between iron and zinc status and treatment of ADHD (subject to modification) - Essay Example Diagnosis is therefore rather subjective and obtaining epidemiological data is cumbersome. Co-morbidities are often present and these make diagnosis even more difficult (Rowland, Lesesne et al. 2002). Despite these limitations, there are valid data that suggest that ADHD seems to have a higher rate of occurrence in white children than in black children in the USA (1.7% to 4.4% in 1997) according to treatment records obtained by physicians. (Olfson, Gameroff et al. 2003). Also, the national epidemiological survey in UK showed a lower prevalence of ADHD in black children than in white children (0.4% to 1.6%) (Meltzer, Gatward et al. 2000). There is the postulation that cases of ADHD in black children could possibly have been under-diagnosed in these societies simply because black families possibly lack access to health facilities due to poorer economic status. This argument may not be valid considering that even higher access to facilities by black families have not resulted in increas ed diagnosis of cases of ADHD in them. Moreover, the U.K epidemiological survey cuts across racial and socioeconomic barriers. ... The ADHD Help-Seeking model is a basis of understanding factors that are predictive of service access and utilization, with a view to using such understanding to break the barrier to service utilization in ADHD treatment (Eiraldi, Mazzuca et al. 2006). The model proposes that for effective treatment, there must first be problem identification on the part of the affected, and then the decision to seek help must follow. Also, service selection and service access by the affected are integral parts of the model pathway. It is believed that through its predictive nature, the model will provide answers to various questions regarding disparities in access to healthcare by various ethnic and racial groups. (Eiraldi, Mazzuca et al. 2006). The model however needs to be made stronger by reconstructing it on factors that are less general and are more specific for affected groups, so that individual needs could be more effectively met (Eiraldi, Mazzuca et al. 2006). Cultural influences could play a very significant role in the Teacher and Parent Ratings across cultural divides (Olfson, Gameroff et al. 2003). The prevalence rates for ADHD from 1997-2001 among African American, Hispanic and White children (6-11 years old) were obtained using a National Health Interview Survey. Information was obtained from parents about health and socio-demographic characteristics of their children. Drug therapy history was taken. Again, White children were found to have the highest rate of ADHD than any other ethnic group, though occurrence of learning disability was higher in the African American and Hispanic children. About 1% of Hispanic children were reported to have ADHD without LD, against 4% white children. Compared to white children, the percentage of

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Similarities And Differences Between Islam And Christianity Religion Essay

Similarities And Differences Between Islam And Christianity Religion Essay In this paper we will examine some relevant similarities and differences between two widely known and practiced religions: Islam and Christianity. Although, these two religions have easily identifiable similarities and differences, they are both large players in the religious world today with an impressive number of followers. Also, each of these religions had been delivered with basic rules of guidance, although the rules in themselves were different. Islam had, from Mohammad, the Five Pillars, while Christians had been given the Ten Commandments, delivered by Moses. Another aspect of each of these religions that is very similar is that each is a Book religion. They each have their own book written down by disciples of their respective religion. The Islamic religion has the Koran, and the Christian religion has the Bible. Because Islam diverged from Christianitys beliefs, there are also some notable differences between the two. For example, the way in which each religion is expected to pray. Muslims pray alone and in congregation. When congregational prayer is executed, there are many rules and strict adherences to which they abide. They must pray this way a certain number of times each day and faces in a certain cardinal direction. For Christians, the prayer which is done alone is informal and at ones own discretion, as it is for the Islamic religion. However, congregational prayer for Christians is much less rigorous and strict, and can be done in a number of acceptable ways. Muslims are also expected to take a journey, called a pilgrimage, to their Holy Land whereas, this is not expected of Christians. Another notable difference is the way in which money is given to the church. In earlier days, and in some cases modern days, Muslims giving was in the form of a tax which was mandated. Christians giv e in the form of a tithe and are asked to give ten percent of their income. A very large and widely disputed part of these religions is the interpretation of the Bible. Some events that are disputed include which son Abraham sacrificed, the Virgin Birth and nature of Jesus, and the interpretation of monotheism and the Trinity. Islam and Christianity are religions based on many similar and different beliefs based on the fact that one was borne of the other. For this reason, we can pick up on a number of things that ring true in each religion and a number of things that are completely different between the two of them. Aside from the similarities and differences, each of these religions is still recognized in todays society despite the fact that they are both centuries old. Islam vs. Christianity Despite the fact that there are many similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, both religions are significant in todays society, which is apparent in the grand number of followers each has amassed. Islam and Christianity are in themselves, complete religions with many followers. Islam was born of Christianity in that a large part of Islams basic belief structure is based on that of Christianity and some portions of the Bible. Because of this fact, there are a number of similarities and a comparative number of differences between the two religions. The beginnings of Islam are actually deeply rooted in Christianity, based on the conviction by the prophet of Islam, Mohammed that Christians had departed from belief in Gods message as revealed in their scriptures (Pike, 67). Approximately 610, the first of many revelations came to him and these visions were believed to have been delivered from God by the angel Gabriel (Pike, 17). Here we begin to see the similarities between the two religions as Gabriel is also the angel that brings news of Jesus birth (Jesus being the founder of Christianity) in Luke 1:26-32, of the Bible. The message that Mohammed received was that there was only one God, not many Gods as the then present day Arabs believed. This God was the creator of the world (Lewis, 8). For Christians the message of a single God was given during the inception of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:3 of the Bible, You shall have no other God before me. The creation of the world by this singular God is documented in Genesis 1:1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In the Islamic faith it is believed that this God would judge mankind, which also rings true in Christianity in Hebrews 10:30, The Lord will judge his people. For Muslims, followers of the Islamic faith, their single God (known as Allah) was considered just because he would judge every person according to his deeds (Catherwood, 99). In both religions, the result of this judgment day was either heaven or hell. Another similarity between both Islam and Christianity was the idea of forgiveness. Islam teaches that God is always ready to pardon the individual and restore him to the sinless state in which he started life. In Christianity, this same basic concept of forgiveness is accepted (Wiles, 561). After the death of Mohammed, certain essential principles were singled out from his teachings to serve as anchoring points for the Islamic community. These have come to be called the five pillars of Islam (Pike, 99-100). Comparably for Christians, the Ten Commandments are considered daily, divine laws. Also, each of these religions is one that has a book by which believers follow. For Christians this is the Bible, which was recorded by prophets and disciples to Jesus including Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and many others. The Bible is for the most part, ordered chronologically and Jesus teaches in parables (Bowie, 66). Likewise for Muslims their book is the Koran, which was a collection of the sayings and deeds of Mohammad, who was believed to be inspired to teach these things by Allah (Lewis, 44-45). However, because the Koran was assembled from remembrances of those who had learned it by heart, the chronological order is not used. The passages or suras were arranged from longest to shor test. In the beginning, for both religions, these teachings were passed along orally, but were later captured via the written word. These books serve as an additional guide for believers and stress the one idea of one God (Pike, 62). Despite these many similarities between Islam and Christianity many differences exist as well. One of these differences is prayer. Islam recognizes two forms of prayer, one being the personal and more informal form of prayer. The other is a ritual prayer which is often congregational with specific words and postures, to be offered five times a day: sunrise, midday, midafternoon, sunset, and before bed. Before Muslims pray ablutions are performed by washing the hands, feet, and face. A person called the muezzin calls for prayer and chants from a raised platform or minaret tower at the mosque. This prayer is started with the imam, the prayer leader, standing at the front of the mosque facing Mecca, the holy city of Islam. (This is the holy city because it was the death place of Mohammad). Each prayer consists of several units, during which the individual is standing, kneeling, or prostrate. At every change in posture, God is great is recited. The chief day of communal worship is Friday and believers gather at the mosque to pray, listen to portions of the Koran, and hear a sermon based on the text. The sermon may have moral, social, or political content. Islam has no ordained clergy, but there are men trained specifically in religion, tradition, and law (Peters, 126-129). For Christians prayer is done alone as well as in a congregation like Islam, but the rigors are far less painstaking. Prayer alone is done at ones own discretion, but traditionally is done at night or in the morning. Congregational prayer is usually headed by the preacher, priest, or another prominent member of the church. The congregation is usually seated in pews, but this can be done standing as well. Christians have a clergy that have been trained in theology and matters of religion and posses a degree from a seminary. The chief days of gathering is on Sundays, and believers pray, sing, listen to sermons, and read from the Bible during their communal gathering (Morris, 218). As you can see, t his is quite different from the Islamic religion. Another large difference in the two religions is the pilgrimage. For Muslims, the pilgrimage, or hajj, is an annual Muslim rite that every believer is expected to take part in at least once in his lifetime. From the seventh to the tenth day in Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar, thousands of Muslims converge on the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to visit the holy shrine of the Kaaba in the Great Mosque, which tradition says was built by Abraham. The pilgrimage was intended to reenact the hegira, the flight of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 (Catherwood, 100). Christians do not have such a pilgrimage but many do visit the birth place of Jesus, the city of Jerusalem, and consider it an honor to do so. Fasting and the giving of money are two more distinct differences between the two religions. Because the Koran was first revealed to Mohammad in the month of Ramadan, the whole month was set aside as a period of fasting. During each day, from first light to darkness , all eating, drinking, and smoking are forbidden. Upon the end of the fasting period, the second major festival of the Islamic year ensues and lasts several days. In contrast, Christians have the Lenten period, where Jesus was sent to the desert for forty days and forty nights, and was tempted by the devil. During this time, Christians usually give up something of importance, and although some fasting does happen, it is generally not as long as in the Islamic religion. The end of this forty day period is known as Ash Wednesday, which begins the holiest point on the Christian calendar (Good Friday and Easter) (Ware, 146-147). Also, the giving of money is somewhat different. For Muslims, the zakat is an obligatory tax, which is contributed to the state or community. In the modern period, the zakat has become a voluntary charitable contribution (Pike, 100). For Christians, this is known as tithe. Believers are expected to contribute ten percent of there salary to the church for Gods p urposes (Morris, 197). Also, some of the differences between Islam and Christianity are clearly discerned in the holy books of the Bible and the Koran. One such example is the sacrifice of Abraham. This event is interpreted very differently in both religions. Both books make the acknowledgement that Abraham was willing to make a tremendous sacrifice (Shamoun, 57). However, the difference between the interpretations lies in the name of Abrahams son. For example the bible says, By faith, Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac, and he who had received the promises was ready to offer up his only son (Hebrews, 11:17). With this the Bible affirms that it was indeed Isaac who was offered up as the sacrifice. In Koran, however, Ishmael is the one who is purportedly offered up for sacrifice as Abrahams only son (Sura 11: 69-73). Another incident that is disputed between the two religions is the Virgin Birth and the Nature of Jesus. The Koran does support the virgin birth of Christ, but does not support the notion that Christ was resurrected. The Koran suggests instead that the Virgin Mary gave birth to a prophet, who was free from innate sin because he was virgin born (Dew, 1). The Bible then, supports the notion that the virgin birth existed, and the Virgin Mary gave birth to the son of God, In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent His only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him (Dew, 1 John 4:9, 1). Islam states that Christ is not divine, it rejects this ideal and is seen in the Koran, The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than Allahs apostle and His Word which he cast to Mary; a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His apostles and do not say: Three. Allah is but one God (Dew, Koran 4: 171, 1). Jesus in the Bible, however, is believed to be God manifest in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16). This leads into the Trinity of the Christian faith. Islam is monotheistic in nature, stating, For God hath said, Take not to yourselves two Gods, for He is one God. (Dew, Sura 16:53,1). Christianity is also monotheistic, but that God is made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; otherwise known as the Trinity. Christianity says, The Spirit the Lord Him (Dew, Isaiah 11:2, 1), which refers to the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God. Islam does not support this idea and the Koran argues that Christianity supports the notion of polytheism by stating that the Godhead represents three different Gods, not one (Dew, 1). In conclusion, Islam and Christianity are two intricately woven religions that have some basic framework in common, but their beliefs diverge as well. For example, some of the similarities shared in the two are the angel Gabriel as a deliverer of important news, monotheism, God as the creator of the world, and judgment by God after death. Most of the differences seem to stem from Jesus role as a savior. For example, Muslims do not believe that Jesus was anything more than a prophet and therefore, the Trinity can not exist. Also, there are some deviations in similar stories that are related by each religion, like that of Abraham and his sacrificial son. Despite these difference and similarities, we can agree that Christianity and Islam are both significant players in the world of religion and todays society.

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The Awakening Essay -- essays research papers

In the Awakening, by Kate Chopin, Edna Pontellier is a married woman with children. However many of her actions seem like those of a child. In fact, Edna Pontelliers ¡Ã‚ ¦ life is an irony, in that her immaturity allows her to mature. Throughout this novel, there are many examples of this because Edna is continuously searching for herself in the novel. One example of how Edna ¡Ã‚ ¦s immaturity allows her to mature is when she starts to cry when LeÆ’Vonce, her husband, says she is not a good mother.  ¡Ã‚ §He reproached his wife with her inattention, her habitual neglect of the children. If it was not a mother ¡Ã‚ ¦s place to look after children, whose on earth was it? ¡Ã‚ ¨(13). Edna, instead of telling her husband that she had taken care of her children, began to cry like a baby after her husband reprimanded her.  ¡Ã‚ §Mrs. Pontellier was by that time thoroughly awake. She began to cry a little ¡Kshe thrust her face, steaming and wet, into the bend of her arm, and she went on crying there, not caring any longer to dry her face, her eyes, her arms, ¡Ã‚ ¨(13,14). These tears made Edna look as if she was still a child and that she is tired of being treated as a child by her husband. These tears also showed her she did not like where she was, a sign of maturity. Her tears symbolize her first awakening. Although the next morning, after Edna had cried the night before had to go and say good-bye to her husband because he was leaving on a business trip. Edna acted immaturely around him again when he gave her half the money he won the night before.  ¡Ã‚ §Ã‚ ¡Ã‚ ¥It will buy a handsome wedding present for Sister Janet! ¡Ã‚ ¦ she exclaimed, smoothing out the bills as she counted them one by one, ¡Ã‚ ¨(15). Edna is spoiled by all of her husbands money. Another example of how Edna ¡Ã‚ ¦s immaturity allows her to mature is when Edna swam like a baby when she went swimming for the first time, and she had over estimated her power.  ¡Ã‚ §Once she turned and looked toward the shore, toward the people she had left there. She had not gone any great distance ¡Kshe made no mention of her encounter with death and her flash of terror, except to say to her husband,  ¡Ã‚ ¥I thought I should have perished out there alone. ¡Ã‚ ¦  ¡Ã‚ ¥You were not so very far, my dear; I was watching you. ¡Ã‚ ¦Ã‚ ¡Ã‚ ¨(48). This shows the reader that Edna is still like a baby in that her husband was watching her while she was swimming. Edna had no idea that she could even... ...g, and it was late ¡Khe filled his match safe, but did not light his cigarette until he left her, after she had expressed her willingness to go to the races with him again, ¡Ã‚ ¨ (125). By her staying with Arobin, and defying her husbands ¡Ã‚ ¦ wishes, which is immature, she is in a way maturing  ¡V this demonstrates the irony in Edna ¡Ã‚ ¦s life, to be mature she must first be immature. She is learning to make decisions on her own.  ¡Ã‚ §Madame Lebrun might have enjoyed the outgoing, but for some reason Edna did not want her. So they went alone, she and Arobin, ¡Ã‚ ¨ (127). Again Edna is acting immaturely, and foolishly by going with Arobin alone, which will help her to mature. In conclusion, for Edna Pontellier to mature, she had to first act immaturely which made Edna ¡Ã‚ ¦s life a complete paradox, continually contradicting itself.  ¡Ã‚ §The voice of the sea is seductive, never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to wander in abysses of solitude ¡Kthe water was deep, but she lifted her white body and reached out with a long, sweeping stroke. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace, ¡Ã‚ ¨(189). Edna ended her life in the sea, her final awakening.

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An analysis of Elizabeth Bishop’s “One Art”

The poem â€Å"One Art† by Elizabeth Bishop uses simple and elegant verse as a poetic device to help it achieve its purpose and to convey its theme. Bishop’s poem is about the way in which people feel about losing things within their lives and how this can affect them. Bishop’s argument, through her poem, is that in order for people to learn the art of losing, they must practice on smaller things and eventually losing other things will not be so hard on them. The poetic element that she uses with such success is the language choice she uses, and in particular the rhythm of the poem, which makes it easy to read.The theme of the poem, the idea of mastering the art of losing, is expressed through the use of simple language, the author’s use of her own personal losses to bring the theme to the forefront, and enhanced by the rhythm of the poem’s words. Bishop’s poem is able to take an idea, that of loss, and successfully relay its theme and achiev e its purpose by directing it toward a wide audience of women who must deal with loss. Her audience is an important influence in how Bishop wrote the poem.â€Å"One Art† by Elizabeth Bishop is a poem that does not use symbolism and strange descriptions to create the theme of the piece, and the result is a poem that deals with loss: â€Å"The art of losing isn’t hard to master,/ so many things seem filled with their intent,/to be lost that their loss is no disaster† (Bishop). Bishop’s use of language is unique in that it is modern and almost as if she is speaking it and her use of proper English and grammar comes across as well. The result of this is that the poem appears to be sound advice from a woman who has had many life experiences and can be trusted to share her wisdom with the rest of the world. She writes from her own experiences with lines like, â€Å"I lost my mother’s watch. And look! My last,/ or next to last, of three beloved houses we nt./ The art of losing isn’t hard to master† (Bishop).She is able to give the reader a sense of how much loss she has endured and by doing so, she is actually making it more realistic to the reader to believe the theme of her poem. Bishop is able to use simple words that almost anyone can understand to bring to light her ideas about loss. She does not use any fancy punctuation or grammar, nor does she try to hide the meaning within metaphors and similes. Bishop clearly writes a poem in her own voice so that she can get her point across to others like her, most especially women who have dealt with similar loss.The rhythm of the poem is a particular element of the poem that becomes especially important in a short poem of this nature because it helps the flow of the words. Each of the verses contains a rhythm to it, either by using words that rhyme at the end of every other line or simply choosing words that make up the stressed and unstressed syllables of the iambic meter (Sound and Rhythm). In the fifth verse, Bishop writes,†I lost two cities, lovely ones, And, vaster,/ Some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent/ I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster† (Bishop). The writer uses the words vaster and disaster to create a rhythm that helps the poem flow, and she does the same with other word choices throughout the poem: master and disaster, fluster and master, last, or and master. This element is even more important to the success of the poem when it is read aloud by the reader because the way we speak translates into how effective the iambic meter and the flow of the poem truly is.Bishop’s poem gains it real effectiveness by being simply realistic. The author is a woman who uses her own experiences to reach out to her audience and bring them a poem with a theme that is important to many people, especially women. When she talks about losing a gold watch or forgetting names she is hitting on an important thing to many women: the idea of losing something that is sentimental to them, like their mother’s watch, or getting older and forgetting things or having problems with their memory. It’s important to remember that the writer’s own experiences and ideas become a part of the poem and that helps enhance its believability to the audience. She even opens herself up in the final verse, talking about losing someone she loves and losing the â€Å"joking voice, the gesture I love!† (Bishop).She opens herself up to the audience in a way that is raw and real, bringing to light issues about loss that all of us will at one time experience or endure, but in particular her intended audience becomes important to the effectiveness of the poem. The poetic device she uses, that of the simple language, becomes that which is most important in making the poem work for the audience. Anytime a poet is able to write a poem in a way that makes it sound, if spoken aloud, as if it is someone speaking t o you and giving you advice, it is obvious that the writer meant it to come across in such a way. It makes it easy for the reader to understand what the whole point of poetry is really, and that is the theme it is trying to convey and the purpose with which it was written.The theme of this poem is so important to understanding why the author uses the device that she does because throughout the poem, the simplicity that Bishop uses in her poetry helps to transcend the generational gap between the author and the reader. Bishop was an older lady with many life experiences to draw from when she wrote much of her poetry and for this reason, she is able to get away without using fancy words or poetic devices that do not make sense. She writes simply, in short words, in a type of dialogue that seems as if she is simply speaking it.The beauty of the poetry is that it like she is able to create her theme by sculpting it with terms and words that everyone can understand readily. Her point of view is that something as complex and yet simple as loss can be an art form and that by viewing it as such, we do not simply run away from loss when we experience it, we have to learn to embrace it and further learn from it so that in our lives we can cope with it with dignity as time goes by. Even the death of a loved one can be something that can be endured with grace and dignity.So why is it an art form to learn to deal with loss? Perhaps in the mind of Bishop it is something that needs to be embraced as a part of life just as one would embrace their gift at writing or any other type of art. When people are enduring pain and are going through problems in their lives, they must be able to move forward. This is Bishop’s theme. She is trying to teach us to look at loss in a completely different way than we had previously been looking at this type of pain. As a part of life it is something that we need to understand and it would only benefit us to learn how to understand it. B ishop’s beautiful verse and her use of poetic devices translate her own ideas into the purpose of the poem. In the end, she succeeds in using the poetic device of language and iambic meter to create a flowing style of poetry that is simple and yet elegant.Elizabeth Bishop uses the simple language and iambic meter to create a poem that easily achieves its purpose of helping enlighten the readers about how loss can affect someone and how it is an art to be able to deal with loss. By using the poetic devices she does, Bishop is able to create an atmosphere in the poem that lets it flow nicely and helps the poem to put across its theme. Without the style of writing that Bishop uses the poem would not be able to achieve its important purpose and the author would fail in her attempt to put across the moral that she wishes her audience to learn from her own experiences and what she has learned from them. â€Å"One Art† is a simple poem that achieves its purpose without the ai d of intricate and complex poetic devices, and in so doing is perfectly targeted to her audience and accomplishes her goal.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Works CitedBishop, Elizabeth. â€Å"One Art.† Poetry Translation Project. 26 Jan. 2007.â€Å"Sound and Rhythm.† English Literature. Fu Jen University. 26 Jan. 2007.

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Circuit City Essays

Circuit City Essays Circuit City Paper Circuit City Paper Circuit City is currently the number two store in the consumer electronics industry and the number three seller of consumer electronics products. Circuit City operates exclusively in the United States.  Circuit City has been falling into trouble in the past few years. There have been extensive layoffs as well as reconfiguring of the management system in order to cut costs.  The external force that is greatly affecting Circuit City is the economic times; the disposable income of the consumer is key to the consumer electronics industry. There is intense pressure from rivals Best Buy and Wal-Mart, without change Circuit City will continue to fall below its competitors. In the internal environment of Circuit City the marketing aspect of the supply chain is very weak. The service aspect is where the value is located. For Circuit City to fully take advantage of their core competency it is necessary for them to create more value in the marketing segment.  Circuit City must address the customers, competitors, suppliers, and economic forces in order to succeed in the consumer electronics industry. Strategic alternatives that will address these issues include updating and controlling technical and operating systems, shifting management from top-down to bottom up, and creating an identifiable brand. The key strategic alternative that Circuit City must address in order to succeed in the industry is creating a brand. A marketable image must be created that will create loyalty among consumers. In order to successfully implement this Circuit City must update its image, create buzz, increase marketing efforts, and create their own niche.  If Circuit City successfully implements and carries though the recommendations to re-brand itself, they will succeed in the consumer electronics industry. By creating a new image they will successfully secure the number two spot behind Best Buy, with distant goals of surpassing their competitor. Issues and Outlook Profile Budi In a year of 2000, Circuit City has a physical store in 45 different states. Circuit City operates more location in more than any other consumer electronics specialty retailer. The company has more than 600 retail outlets, 7 service centers, and 10 distributions center. In a year of 2002, Circuit City Stores, Inc. completes the separation of CarMax. The separation eliminates the companys tracking stock structure and two common stock series Circuit City Group Common Stock and CarMax Group Common Stock. Effective October 1, 2002, the Circuit City Group Common Stock is renamed Circuit City common stock and represents an ownership interest only in the Circuit City business, and CarMax, Inc. becomes an independent, separately traded public company. In a year of 2003, given the strong sales lift and internal rate of return seen with relocated stores after their first six months, Circuit City accelerates its relocation program. In fiscal 2004, Circuit City relocates 18 stores and opens eight new stores. In a year of 2004, Circuit City agrees to sell its private-label credit card operation, including both its private-label Circuit City credit card accounts and its co-branded Circuit City Plus Visa credit card accounts, to Bank One Corporation. Circuit City and Bank One will enter into an ongoing arrangement under which Bank One will offer private-label and co-branded credit cards to both new and existing customers. Circuit City announces it has purchased the assets of MusicNow, a leading digital music platform. InterTAN, Inc., a leading consumer electronics retailer of both private-label and internationally branded products with headquarters in Barrie, Ontario, becomes a subsidiary of Circuit City following a tender offer in which Circuit City acquired the outstanding shares of InterTAN, Inc. As part of its store revitalization program, Circuit City plans to open 60 to 70 new Superstores with a fairly even split between store relocations ( /about/history .html). Recently in 2007, Circuit City Stores Inc., which is cutting jobs and restructuring to fend off competition, swung to a fiscal first-quarter loss and withdrew its financial forecast for the year.The results came a day after rival Best Buy Co. reported sharply lower first-quarter profit and downgraded its 2008 earnings outlook. Both retailers say shoppers are turning away from high-margin items such as flat-screen televisions. Circuit City said sales fell 4.3% in the quarter ended May 31; sales at stores open at least a year fell 5.6%.The Richmond, Va., company said in March it would replace 3,400 highly paid workers with lower-paid employees. In the first quarter, the amount of change that we introduced to the company led to significant volatility, which we expect to continue through the summer, Chief Executive Philip Schoonover said. Combined with an uncertain macroeconomic environment, for the time being, it is difficult to project sales and earnings performance for the balance of the fiscal year, he said. Circuit City said it still expects to open 60 to 65 new and relocated domestic stores this fiscal year. It said more than half of them would be in a 20,000-square-foot format. UBS analyst Brian Nagel said the results show Circuit City is still struggling to turn around. We remain disappointed with the continued slow pace of recovery at Circuit City, he wrote to clients. The loss is the latest dismal news for the company, which has lost several top executives while battling for market share with Best Buy. The companies and others engaged in a price war during the holiday season and slashed prices, particularly on LCD and plasma televisions. Goldman Sachs analyst Matthew Fassler called the results predictably problematic. Circuit City is experiencing the same problems as Best Buy, but at amplified levels, across sales growth and margin rate, Mr. Fassler wrote to clients. Moreover, as Circuit City invests aggressively in systems, an understandable priority, it subjugates near-term results to longer term investment. In the most recent quarter, consolidated gross profit margin narrowed to 22.5% from 24.5% in the same period last fiscal year. At the end of March, the retailer turfed 3,400 employees in the U.S. and Canada because it thought they were overpaid and announced plans to replace them with cheaper workers. Betty Owen, 56, of El Paso, Texas, was one of them. Owen, a part-time worker logging full-time hours, was pulling in $10.10 per hour (all figures U.S.).According to published reports, the company decided to get rid of workers whose wage level was at least 51 cents above Circuit Citys established pay rates. From a dollars and cents perspective, the move seems to make sense. Take 3,400 workers, assuming they work 40 hours per week, slash their wages by the lowest amount (51 cents) and the company will save at least $3.6 million every year in labor costs. Thats not small change. Or is it? Considering Circuit City had 42,000 workers and $11.6 billion in revenue in 2006 and net income of $162.5 million, $3.6 million doesnt seem like much. And from a public relations standpoint, its a disaster. The announcement was met with calls to boycott the store and at least one lawsuit. Three employees in California have filed an age discrimination suit theyre trying to have certified as a class-action lawsuit. Fighting that battle alone could dissolve the savings from the wage cuts. The repercussions are bound to echo beyond bad PR. Most of the workers being let go have been on the job awhile, and their experience is walking out the door with them. Training costs will increase and customer service will undoubtedly suffer. And exactly what kind of workers are going to be filling these roles? When it made the very public announcements about wage cuts and terminations, Circuit City might as well have hung a sign on all its stores stating that, good, talented workers need not apply. But thats the new reality in retail, right? The Wal-Martization of the business means retailers have to keep wages low to stay competitive and theres no room for good HR practices, right? Wrong. A little outfit called Costco is punching all kinds of holes in that thinking. The Issaquah, Wash.-based warehouse club pays its workers generously. By some reports, they start at about $10 per hour and their earnings rise to about $44,000 per year after four years. They also get a strong benefits package. The result is low turnover and a very loyal staff. In 2004, Business Week decided to put Costcos labor practices to the test. It compared Costco to Sams Club, the membership warehouse operated by Wal-Mart. It found that by compensating employees generously to motivate and retain good workers Costco actually keeps its labor costs lower than Wal-Marts as a percentage of sales. Costco pulled in $13,647 in operating profit per hourly employee versus $11,039 at Sams Club. Jim Sinegal, Costcos CEO and founder, has resisted pressure from investors to cut costs, shrugging off comments that its better to be an employee at Costco than a shareholder. We think its good business. In the final analysis, you get what you pay for. Better employees mean higher productivity. Weve proven that with our business model. We want to turn our inventory faster than our people, he said. (Paying low wages) doesnt keep employees happy. It keeps them looking for other jobs. Plus managers spend all their time hiring replacements rather than running your business. The lesson? Better paid employees are more productive and happy, and that translates into a healthy bottom line. Thats an idea that seems to be lost on Circuit City.

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Buscar Conjugation in Spanish, Translation, and Examples

Buscar Conjugation in Spanish, Translation, and Examples Buscar is a fairly common verb in Spanish that is usually translated as to look for or to search for. The conjugation of buscar is regular in pronunciation but irregular in spelling. This article includes buscar conjugations in the indicative mood (present, past, conditional, and future), the subjunctive mood (present and past), the imperative mood, and other verb forms. Using the Verb Buscar One major difference between the English verbs to look or to search and buscar, is that the Spanish version doesnt need to be followed by a preposition, which is a common mistake made by students learning the language. To avoid this confusion, you can think of buscar as meaning to seek. The conjugation of buscar is irregular in its spelling. Specifically, whenever a conjugated form of buscar would have the c followed by an e if it were regular, the c changes to qu. For example, to say I sought, you would use the form busquà © instead of buscà ©. You will find this spelling change also in the present subjunctive and some imperative conjugations. Common Uses of Buscar These common expressions include the verb buscar: buscar algo: to look for something - Busco mi lpiz (I look for my pencil).buscar algo: to look something up - Busco la respuesta en Internet (I look up the answer on the internet).buscar a alguien: to look for someone - Buscamos a Pedro (We are looking for Peter). Note that you need to include the personal a when looking for a specific person.buscar a alguien: to pick someone up - Voy a buscar a los nià ±os a las dos de la tarde. (Ill pick up the children at 2 p.m.). Here, again, you need the personal a. buscar [infinitivo]: to look to [verb] - Buscà ³ nadar en aguas ms seguras (He looked to swim in safer waters).se busca [sustantivo]: [noun] wanted - Se busca cocinero (Cook wanted).buscrsela: to look for trouble - Ella se la buscà ³ en las calles (She looked for trouble on the streets). The busca root can also be combined with several nouns to form compound nouns: el buscapersonas (sometimes shortened to busca) - pagerel buscapià ©s - firecrackerel/la buscaplata - fortune hunterel/la buscapleitos - troublemakerel/la buscarruidos - troublemaker, rabble-rouserel/la buscatesoros - treasure hunter, treasure seekerel/la buscavidas - ambitious person, busybody Buscar Present Indicative The verb buscar is regular in the present indicative tense. It follows the pattern of other -ar regular verb conjugations. Yo busco I search for Yo busco mis llaves por toda la casa. Tà º buscas You search for Tà º buscas a Carlitos en la escuela. Usted/à ©l/ella busca You/he/she searches for Ella busca la respuesta en el libro. Nosotros buscamos We search for Nosotros buscamos informacià ³n en Internet. Vosotros buscis You search for Vosotros buscis trabajo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas buscan You/they search for Ellos buscan oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar Preterite Indicative The preterite tense conjugations of buscar are regular, except for the spelling change that happens with the vowel e in the first person singular (yo). Yo busquà © I searched for Yo busquà ©mis llaves por toda la casa. Tà º buscaste You searched for Tà º buscaste a Carlitos en la escuela. Usted/à ©l/ella buscà ³ You/he/she searched for Ella buscà ³ la respuesta en el libro. Nosotros buscamos We searched for Nosotros buscamos informacià ³n en Internet. Vosotros buscasteis You searched for Vosotros buscasteis trabajo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas buscaron You/they searched for Ellos buscaron oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar Imperfect Indicative In the imperfect tense, the verb buscar is conjugated regularly. You start with the stem busc- and add the imperfect ending for -ar verbs (aba, abas, aba, bamos, aban). The imperfect tense can be translated as was searching for or used to search for. Yo buscaba I used to search for Yo buscabamis llaves por toda la casa. Tà º buscabas You used tosearch for Tà º buscabasa Carlitos en la escuela. Usted/à ©l/ella buscaba You/he/she used to search for Ella buscabala respuesta en el libro. Nosotros buscbamos We used to search for Nosotros buscbamosinformacià ³n en Internet. Vosotros buscabais You used to search for Vosotros buscabais trabajo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas buscaban You/they used to search for Ellos buscaban oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar Future Indicative To conjugate the future tense, start with the infinitive (buscar) and add the future tense endings (à ©, s, , emos, à ©is, n). Yo buscarà © I will search for Yo buscarà ©mis llaves por toda la casa. Tà º buscars Youwillsearch for Tà º buscarsa Carlitos en la escuela. Usted/à ©l/ella buscar You/he/shewill search for Ella buscarla respuesta en el libro. Nosotros buscaremos Wewill search for Nosotros buscaremos informacià ³n en Internet. Vosotros buscarà ©is Youwill search for Vosotros buscarà ©istrabajo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas buscarn You/theywill search for Ellos buscarn oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar PeriphrasticFuture Indicative To conjugate the periphrastic future you need the present indicative conjugation of the verb ir (to go), the preposition a, and the infinitive buscar. Yo voy a buscar I am going to search for Yo voy a buscarmis llaves por toda la casa. Tà º vasa buscar You aregoing to search for Tà º vasa buscar a Carlitos en la escuela. Usted/à ©l/ella vaa buscar You/he/shegoing to search for Ella vaa buscarla respuesta en el libro. Nosotros vamosa buscar We aregoing to search for Nosotros vamos a buscar informacià ³n en Internet. Vosotros vaisa buscar You aregoing to search for Vosotros vaisa buscartrabajo. Ustedes/ellos/ellas vana buscar You/they aregoing to search for Ellos vana buscar oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar Present Progressive/Gerund Form In order to form the gerund or present participle, use the stem of the verb and add the ending -ando (for -ar verbs). The present participle can be used to form progressive tenses such as the present progressive, usually formed with the auxiliary verb estar. Present Progressive ofBuscar est buscando She is searching for Ella est buscando la respuesta en el libro. Buscar Past Participle To form the past participle, start with the stem of the verb busc- and add the ending -ado (for -ar verbs). One of the uses of the past participle is to form perfect tenses like the present perfect, which uses the auxiliary verb haber. Present Perfect of Buscar ha buscado She has searched for Ella ha buscado la respuesta en el libro. Buscar Conditional Indicative The conditional tense can be used to talk about possibilities, and is usually translated to English as would verb. The conditional is formed similarly to the future tense, starting with the infinitive form and adding the corresponding ending. Yo buscarà ­a I would search for Yo buscarà ­amis llaves por toda la casa, pero no tengo paciencia. Tà º buscarà ­as Youwould search for Tà º buscarà ­as a Carlitos en la escuela si saliera temprano. Usted/à ©l/ella buscarà ­a You/he/shewould search for Ella buscarà ­a la respuesta en el libro si fuera necesario. Nosotros buscarà ­amos Wewould search for Nosotros buscarà ­amos informacià ³n en Internet si tuvià ©ramos una computadora. Vosotros buscarà ­ais Youwould search for Vosotros buscarà ­aistrabajo, pero os da pereza. Ustedes/ellos/ellas buscarà ­an You/theywould search for Ellos buscarà ­an oportunidades para mejorar si estuvieran ms motivados. Buscar Present Subjunctive To form the present subjunctive, use the stem of the first person singular present indicative (yo busco) and add the subjunctive endings. For -ar verbs, the endings all contain the vowel e, so you must include the spelling change c to qu. Que yo busque That I search for Es necesario que yo busque mis llaves por toda la casa. Que tà º busques That you search for Mam necesita que tà º busques a Carlitos en la escuela. Que usted/à ©l/ella busque That you/he/she search for La profesora recomienda que ella busquela respuesta en el libro. Que nosotros busquemos That we search for El bibliotecario sugiere que nosotros busquemos informacià ³n en Internet. Que vosotros busquà ©is That you search for Pap pide que vosotros busquà ©is trabajo. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas busquen That you/they search for La jefa espera que ellos busquen oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar Imperfect Subjunctive There are two options for conjugating the imperfect subjunctive. Although they are both considered correct, usage depends on location, as some countries prefer one option over the other. Option 1 Que yo buscara That I searched for Era necesario que yobuscara mis llaves por toda la casa. Que tà º buscaras That you searched for Mam necesitaba que tà º buscaras a Carlitos en la escuela. Que usted/à ©l/ella buscara That you/he/she searched for La profesora recomendaba que ella buscara la respuesta en el libro. Que nosotros buscramos That we searched for El bibliotecario sugerà ­a que nosotros buscramosinformacià ³n en Internet. Que vosotros buscarais That you searched for Pap pedà ­a que vosotros buscarais trabajo. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas buscaran That you/they searched for La jefa esperaba que ellos buscaran oportunidades para mejorar. Option 2 Que yo buscase That I searched for Era necesario que yobuscase mis llaves por toda la casa. Que tà º buscases That you searched for Mam necesitaba que tà º buscases a Carlitos en la escuela. Que usted/à ©l/ella buscase That you/he/she searched for La profesora recomendaba que ella buscase la respuesta en el libro. Que nosotros buscsemos That we searched for El bibliotecario sugerà ­a que nosotros buscsemosinformacià ³n en Internet. Que vosotros buscaseis That you searched for Pap pedà ­a que vosotros buscaseis trabajo. Que ustedes/ellos/ellas buscasen That you/they searched for La jefa esperaba que ellos buscasen oportunidades para mejorar. Buscar Imperative In order to give orders or commands, you need the imperative mood. Notice that in the imperative sometimes you will need to make the spelling change c to qu. Positive Commands Tà º busca Search for!  ¡Busca a Carlitos en la escuela! Usted busque Search for!  ¡Busque la respuesta en el libro! Nosotros busquemos Let's search for!  ¡Busquemos informacià ³n en Internet! Vosotros buscad Search for!  ¡Buscad trabajo! Ustedes busquen Search for!  ¡Busquen oportunidades para mejorar! Negative Commands Tà º no busques Don't search for!  ¡No busques a Carlitos en la escuela! Usted no busque Don't search for!  ¡No busque la respuesta en el libro! Nosotros no busquemos Let's not search for!  ¡No busquemos informacià ³n en Internet! Vosotros no busquà ©is Don't search for!  ¡No busquà ©is trabajo! Ustedes no busquen Don't search for!  ¡No busquen oportunidades para mejorar!

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Business writing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business writing - Assignment Example Considering the volume of our consumption, the savings from a lowered fuel cost would surely enhance your bottom line. Conversion is also relatively easy because the conversion kit is readily available and can be easily installed. The conversion cost is minimal which can easily be defrayed by the savings in gas. In addition, the carbon emission of a CNG powered bus is way lower than fossil based fuel thus enabling us to not only help save the environment but also from hefty government fines of smoke belching. Currently, most buses in the United States are already on CNG due to the above mentioned advantages. Cleaning one’s bathroom can be challenge. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed on the things that needs to cleaned (sink, toilet and tub/shower) that we do not know where to start. We once tried cleaning it ourselves and it felt like it took forever just to clean it. The key to cleaning a bathroom however entails knowing what and how to clean it to be able to finish it quickly. The first step in getting it done efficiently is to remove things that do not belong in the bathroom. Things that are not supposed to be in the bathroom is what makes cleaning it seem to be a drag. One things that do not belong to the bathroom are removed (such as used shirt, trash, hangers, etch), it would be helpful to apply disinfectant and bleaching solution (zonrox) to the tiles, wall, faucet sink, toilet seat and its hole. This will soften the grime and the dirt which makes cleaning more efficient. Leave the disinfectant and bleach for a while. Remove the toiletries and also put disinfectant on their areas. After few minutes, scrub the wall with a cleaning detergent first (I personally prefer Tide). They are easier to scrub with soap now because the bleaching solution melted the grimes. Then the faucet sink, the cabinets and the tub. Clean the toilet bowl last so that the disinfectant and bleaching

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Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Health - Essay Example But the definition of health, as defined by WHO is perhaps the most accurate because it primarily focuses on the holistic approach of well being. I prefer this definition because holistic approach to health emphasizes at healthcare delivery system that accessible, affordable and quality driven. This approach ensures that the preventive actions and awareness greatly facilitates the overall well-being of persons. Illnesses are mainly caused due to improper diet, unhygienic conditions and lack of awareness regarding healthcare issues and healthy lifestyle. Proper diet and nutrition is essential for a healthy life. A good and balanced food reduces the risk of diseases, especially the lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure etc that may prove fatal. Adopting holistic approach through the use of alternative medicines hugely promotes all round welfare of the person because it is based on the principle tat the person needs to ‘feel’ good to become healthy. In the contemporary environment of pluralistic society, holistic approach has increasingly become important in the changing socio-cultural environment and takes into consideration the wider implication of the environment in which the people live. In the recent times, the market driven health components are increasingly driving the common man towards alternative health medicines which provide them with more holistic healthcare modules at lesser cost. The alternative health medicines incorporate physical, mental and social well-being of the people. They can broadly be defined as a group of diversified medical and healthcare system and practices that uses non conventional methods of medicines. Ernst et al. have defined as ‘diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention which complements mainstream medicine by contributing to a common whole, by satisfying a demand not met by orthodoxy or by diversifying the conceptual frameworks of medicine’ (Ernst, 2004). The efficacy of the healing is